Pixelmon Auction

The Pixelmon Auction system is a safe method of trading pixelmon for pokecoins. 

Name Level Shiny Nature Growth Gender Ability Price
Deino Deino 1 No Timid Small Female Hustle 100pc
Timburr Timburr 1 No Adamant Runt Male SheerForce 100pc
Swablu Swablu 1 No Adamant Huge Male NaturalCure 100pc
Scyther Scyther 1 No Adamant Small Female Technician 100pc
Shroomish Shroomish 1 No Adamant Enormous Male QuickFeet 100pc
Smeargle Smeargle 1 No Jolly Enormous Male Technician 100pc
Cranidos Cranidos 1 No Adamant Runt Male SheerForce 250pc
Ditto Ditto 16 No Docile Huge Genderless Limber 251pc
Foongus Foongus 1 No Bold Giant Female Regenerator 2000pc
Oddish Oddish 8 Yes Serious Ordinary Female Chlorophyll 50pc
Charmander Charmander 1 No Timid Runt Female Blaze 2000pc
Lickitung Lickitung 32 Yes Naughty Giant Male Oblivious 126pc
Gastly Gastly 20 Yes Bold Ordinary Male Levitate 126pc
Sunkern Sunkern 34 Yes Sassy Ordinary Female Chlorophyll 126pc
Grumpig Grumpig 39 Yes Modest Small Male ThickFat 126pc
Makuhita Makuhita 5 Yes Lax Small Female Guts 126pc
Togetic Togetic 35 Yes Impish Huge Male Hustle 126pc
Exeggcute Exeggcute 19 Yes Brave Small Female Chlorophyll 126pc
Lanturn Lanturn 32 Yes Naughty Small Female VoltAbsorb 126pc
Slaking Slaking 36 Yes Mild Ginormous Male Truant 126pc
Dwebble Dwebble 23 Yes Naughty Pygmy Female ShellArmour 126pc
Sandile Sandile 15 Yes Bold Runt Male Intimidate 126pc
Budew Budew 6 Yes Jolly Small Female NaturalCure 126pc
Shuckle Shuckle 16 Yes Calm Small Male Sturdy 126pc
Zubat Zubat 19 Yes Lax Runt Male InnerFocus 126pc