Upcoming Possible Team

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                                                                    This Is A Idea

Ardaya [Me] And Jord1312, have a general idea for possibly helping people out and making people more interactive within the community and playerbase, that we might make a public team which will run often activities and teamwork type of stuff with challenges and building related stuff,

This is a idea, we would like to hear all feedback on the reply section if you are interested, if not don't reply please for we don't get mixed up.

We could also have possible rival team battles and tournaments being runned by Me and jord1312 and opposing team leaders,

We appreciate all feedback or even idea to do within this team.

Sincerely ~ Jord1312 & Ardaya.

About time teams came back :D

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

Sounds cool, would things like bases be player made? Would there be things like ranks within the groups? 

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

This isn't a official team thing like the last one but it would be quite similiar except a little simpler and ran by me and jord, but yes there would be ingame team ranks and jobs and ect you would have to do in the team to interact and Stuff.


What a great idea, i cant wait for it. i would love teams to get back into the game.


:D, We're setting it up but it's a big project so it will take quite a awhile.